Attracting tenants

Being an Oxfordshire tenant with Letsco

We believe that a happy tenant is a good tenant. We put great emphasis on communication and mutual co-operation between us and our tenants.
Our tenant fees are reasonable, there is an out of hours contact for emergencies and we give our tenants support and assistance throughout their tenancy. Our tenant information is clear and thorough with advice to help with check in and check out
We want you to be comfortable and safe in your rented property.

I like renting through LetsCo as the response time to problems is first class and the annual renewal process is quick and reasonable.
PS – Kidlington tenant

Letsco are great, we came across them online when we were looking to rent .Their fees are very reasonable. If we ever need help or there’s anything wrong with house Gill is always there for us. When people ask, I always say look on Letsco’s website because they are so friendly and helpful.
VW – Banbury tenant